University Cost Guide 2020

UCG is an e-booklet on the estimated tuition fees and living expenses in several local and foreign universities. You can use this information in estimating your children's future educational costs and gauge how much you will need to save and invest now.

The tuition fees & living costs vary from country to country. The table below outlines the estimated average annual tuition fees & living costs for international students in selected country:

Country Average Annual Tuition Fees* Average Annual Living Costs Education Inflation**
Australia AUD27,875 - AUD46,830 AUD15,000 - AUD25,000 5.5%
Canada CAD16,816 - CAD53,290 CAD15,000 - CAD30,000 2.4%
Malaysia RM13,083 - RM37,100 RM21,600 - RM36,000 3.0%
New Zealand NZD27,000 - NZD37,141 NZD15,000 - NZD18,000 2.0%
Singapore SGD32,250 - SGD44,510 SGD9,000 - SGD24,000 3.9%
Taiwan TWD91,702 - TWD114,960 TWD96,000 - TWD180,000 1.5%
United Kingdom GBP18,500 - GBP30,678 GBP7,000 - GBP10,000 3.4%
USA USD51,870 - USD63,573 USD12,000 - USD18,000 5.1%

* Non-medical courses.

** Education inflation rates shown are based on estimations only.