Grow Your Wealth with Unit Trust

What is Unit Trust

  • Unit trust is a collective investment scheme that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds together.
  • These funds will be invested by professional fund managers in a portfolio of securities according to the fund's objective and investment strategy.

Benefits of Investing in Unit Trust Funds

Professionally Managed
Competitive Returns
Regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)
Effective Diversification to Minimise Risk and Optimise Return
Power of Compounding
Ease of Transactions
Peace of Mind

Power of Compounding

The Bendefits of Starting Early

The earlier you start investing, the greater the accumulated return on your original investment. This is due to the effects of compounding.

Name Ms Alia Mdm Lee
Starting age 30 40
Investment period (years) 20 20
Compounding period up to age 60 (years) 30 20
Yearly investment (RM) 10,000 10,000
Total amount invested (RM) 200,000 200,000
Total investment value* at age 60 (RM) 1,067,003 494,229
* By starting 10 years earlier, Ms Alia's investment value could grow 116% more than Mdm Lee's investment value when both of them reach the retirement age of 60, assuming that the unit trust's rate of return is constant at 8% per annum. This is only an illustration and does not indicate the past or future performance of any specific unit trust fund.

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